We’ve been soooo busy! Summer has been awesome so far. This year has been even better than last year because he’s able to play by himself more, sometimes up to an hour! I use this time to get some things done around the house. 😉

Our fun times this week:

He had a great time in soccer! I thought he did great following directions and defending. He even scored a goal! He also raised his hand a couple times to answer questions. Who is this child? It’s really hard to believe that I have such an extroverted kid. 

Still pretty afraid at swimming lessons. Not quite ready to float or jump in on his own. 😛

He’s been reading a lot of chapter books and graphic novels, a lot of captain underpants and also Wayside School. He’s been able to read some really fine print, and has even leaned over when I’m reading and reads some of my book! Ack. 

I’ve been busy maintaining my other blog as well, which is why I haven’t been updating as much over here. 

Chapter books

These two weeks he’s suddenly made the switch to chapter books and doesn’t hardly touch his picture books anymore. We were at the library yesterday and he only wanted chapter books. What!!!! 

Be careful what you wish for! Because… he’s really growing up. 😬

He’s read 3 Captain underpants books by himself and one magic tree house. Currently reading Boxcar children. 

Our audiobook listening is going very well! He is now very interested in the Boxcar children and borrowed the book we’re listening to from the library. I’m really glad he’s getting into audiobooks because it’s a good way to get even more reading in. 👍


I’ve been so busy maintaining my other blog that this one has been forgotten a little bit. I still like to record his milestones though because my memory’s not the best. 

He started reading chapter books!!! He finished book 1 of captain underpants and now working on book 2. Awww my little boy. We enjoy reading time together in his bed, each reading our own book. Of course he interrupts me every few minutes to say “What’s this word?” But still it’s pretty awesome. Captain underpants has done really challenging words! Which is good. 

Photo of us from yesterday when I went to his preschool to read to the kids about autism. 

He’s been doing so great playing by himself, today for an hour and 20 mins!! I call it independent work time. Seriously I should have thought of this way earlier. 

He likes the trays I set up for him. And I’ve been doing better with figuring it which things are at his level. I initially had some that were too hard for him to do independently. 

Oh he was also really excited he finally saved $20 for his hot wheels play set. The excitement lasted two days and now he doesn’t really touch it anymore. What a fickle kid!


Here’s what he’s been up to:

He is an insane dot to dot machine!!!! He’s doing a 1000 dot book now that’s the same author as my book. It’s for adults but he just whizzes through it, even quicker than me. Ok. 

He had a play date with his friends yesterday, boy was he wild and crazy!!!! He is so influenced by peer pressure these days, I suppose that is a normal part of growing up and being an almost 4.5 year old. He’s no longer oblivious to others and in fact is caring more and more about what his friends think and wanting to be cool. Won’t be long before he will be asking me for the newest iPhone and designer shoes!

I’ve been busy with home projects and maintaining my other blog. It’s fun but also time consuming! 

Can’t believe he will be 4.5 in a week!! Awww. 

Fine arts!

He did SO many dot to dots this weekend, and is incredibly proud of himself for completing 1339 dots which is more than his mother’s 1000 dots!

I also got him an easel and some paints and attempted to teach him painting. So far I am having way more fun than he is, but hopefully he will develop more interest with time!

I’ve been looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to teach a preschooler to paint. 😉 

What he’s been up to!

I’ve been so busy writing for my other blog that this one has fallen a bit to the wayside. But I still love keeping this blog and recording all his little milestones. 

He made these two maps at Montessori and is sooo proud of himself, especially the USA map which took him a whole week! I love his handwriting and his perseverance working on it. 🙂

He’s getting better at dot to dots every day and finished this one with 800+ dots! I was pretty impressed! I had thought this book would be too hard for him, but guess not. He works on it a couple hundred dots at a time. 


We’ve been reading the Captain Underpants series which he likes a lot! I’m glad to finally find chapter books he’s excited about. I think these ones are great for him not only because potty words are right up his alley, but there’s cute illustrations on every page. And not too wordy on each page so it doesn’t scare him off trying to read them. 

He still doesn’t feel confident reading chapter books but he does read a few pages here and there which is a great start! I’m really liking the books too, they are pretty hilarious. 😉

Enjoyed part of our nice sunny weekend playing outside. 👍


Every weekend is SO busy, it just flies by. K’s had a cough all week and had a fever on Thursday. Thankfully after a lot of sleep he was back to normal on Friday. 

I made an art wall to display his “art”. I love how it turned out! 

He’s been into sewing at Montessori so I made him some sewing cards out of cardboard. He liked them so much he wanted me to make all the Justice League symbols. 😉

We also finally finally started on multiplication. I’ve procrastinated for about a month! I really didn’t intend for him to copy the whole chart but he insisted. 

He knows 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. We are working on 3s now. According to Engelmann’s curriculum he should have the whole thing mastered by 4.5 years. No pressure or anything. 

Chinese New Year celebration

We went to HANC to check out their open house. It was fun! The fine motor king strikes again. Check out his beautiful cutting. 

We explored the trails a little. K had fun running running running. We will have to come back in the summer. 

Coloring machine at work

So much coloring and dot-to-dots this weekend! His handwriting is getting better. He came up with that sentence on his own, which made me laugh. 

Coloring machine at work:

He likes his new dot to dot book and works on it diligently, a couple hundred dots at a time. He did this 530 dot one on his own! Won’t be long before he can do a 1000 dot one like me. 😐

Celebrate diversity

What an utterly utterly depressing weekend. Who knew it was possible to have 0% respect for a person? Today I contemplated writing a letter to K’s preschool that I refuse to let my son participate in any activities or even hear the words DJT. Absolutely no coloring pictures or storybooks of DJT! Never!!!!!

We made tissue paper art this weekend. This made me feel slightly better. Children are our hope. 

K surprised me with his math skills this weekend. He often doesn’t appear to be listening when I tell him things. But yet days or weeks or months later, he will suddenly prove that he was not only listening but he gets it. 

While playing with his mosaics, he suddenly said “5+6=11, because 5+5 is 10, so 5+6 must be 11, so 5+7 must be 12.”

Holy macaroni. So he was listening! Btw this is one of the lessons from Engelmann’s book, which we’ve still been doing a few times a week. 

Today he also surprised me by reading a whole page worth of instructions, in very small print. I was going to read it to him (it was a parent letter regarding a Valentines party at school) when he grabbed it out of my hands and read the entire thing, with assistance for just a handful of words. Aww I’m so proud of my little man. 

He continues to be a coloring machine. I cannot tell you how many pictures he colored this weekend, he just loves the adult coloring pictures. He also colored a very elaborate picture at preschool today. His teacher was all impressed. I wonder how long this coloring phase will last, I hope a long time!